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Tadoba Package Tour

Itinerary Details

  • Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights

What To Pack:

  • Safari Hats | Clothing in neutral colors | A Safari Jacket | Comfortable Safari Shoes | Sun block Lotion | Sun Glasses | Binoculars | Cameras, Lenses, Memory Cards, Batteries and Lens Cleaner | Small Bean Bag | Plug Adaptors | Prescribed Medicines | Passport | Guide Books | Your Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

The morning flight lands around 9.00 am at Nagpur in Maharashtra. Check put over we drive to Tadoba Tiger Reserve. We check in the luxury resort and relax. Post lunch we have a short sleep after that we precede for the Kuthwanda Gate for the evening safari. Tiger sightings are prolific in the reserve and we will see one besides many animals and birds. The evening is set for rest and some fine cocktails beside the fire followed by sound sleep.

Day 2

We enter again from Kuthwanda Gate early morning for the game ride. The game ride requires lot of attention and a heightened sensory apparatus. Animals camouflage easily hence effort is required to track them and discover. This applies to big cats and elusive animals like the sloth bear. Grasslands are ideal places to seek tigers since the visibility is much higher here than the dense canopy. The evening safari is shorter but we can see all the wild life of the reserve. The tigers come out late hence we take a chance during the ending. Back at the resort it is time to relax and discuss the day's sightings.

Day 3/4

Besides watching the mega fauna we also look for small game and birds. Morning safari is excellent for birding in the reserve while small nocturnal mammals are seen during the late evening time. Nevertheless we try to avail a holistic experience of the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The tribal paint a colorful picture alongside the forests. Hence the tribal village tour is part of the itinerary and we will make a visit this evening. Late evening we will watch a wildlife documentary which will entertain as well increase the understanding of Indian Jungle.

Day 5

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is home to leopard, wild dog, sloth bear, sambar, Nilgai, spotted deer and bison these are major attraction besides the tiger. This morning we will try to complete the missing list with great effort and then turn back to say farewell. After lunch we depart Nagpur Airport for the return flight.